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October 27, 1997

This week, our story is by Paul Estabrooks, from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Paul has lived in the Fredericton area all his life. He attends literacy classes at the Fredericton Northside CASP (Community Academic Services Program). A couple of years ago, he never thought he would be sitting in front of a computer screen, as he does when he goes to the CASP, but he finds working on a computer very interesting and useful. Paul hopes to try for his GED sometime before Christmas, and after that, he would like to take a computer course.

Learning about Computers

by Paul Estabrooks

Since I left school a while back I thought I would never use a computer. Now I see it is the wave of the future, since I have been back to school to get my high school diploma. I found out they are a must now. I thought I would never sit in front of one. I have learned how to play games and use WordPerfect, as well as the use of the printer. I used the computer and printer to do this.

[This article was taken with permission, from The Learning Times, published by The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick, June 1996, p.5.]

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