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Learner story archives

April 6, 2009

This week, we have 7 stories written by learners from Toronto, Ontario. The students – Barb, Donna, Christopher, Justin, Gilson, Lindon and Estera - are all presently enrolled in the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) program at the Centre for Community Learning and Development in Toronto.

Investing In My Future

by Christopher Lancaster

I am investing my time to better myself for the future that lies ahead. In the future, I hope to find myself in a wonderful place that makes me feel that I accomplished something in my life. I want to tell my children someday about what I have accomplished to give them the better understanding of life itself.

For myself I am going all the way through school to have a better life, job and home. That’s what I am working towards. And I am even finding myself happier on the way as I am making that investment. I'll never let go of that. That's why it's very important to me to do this for myself.

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