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Learner story archives

April 6, 2009

This week, we have 7 stories written by learners from Toronto, Ontario.   The students – Barb, Donna, Christopher, Justin, Gilson, Lindon and Estera - are all presently enrolled in the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) program at the Centre for Community Learning and Development in Toronto.

Investing Myself for My Future

by Estera Rybelyte Lukosius

I am dedicating my time, energy and efforts to achieve a higher education. I am also preparing myself for a career as a coordinator in Gerontology.  My long-term goal is to help physically and mentally impaired people with the daily activities of living. My immediate goal is to improve my English, mathematics, computer and communications management skills, and to be successful in an aptitude test that will be required for my career.

I need to invest a lot of my time and effort to become qualified for my career. It is important for me to build confidence and to be strong, especially in a competitive environment.

These days, many people are not willing to make an investment in their futures. For example, some students quit secondary school early. Some fail. Lots of teens start working, and feel overwhelmed with the burdens of work and school.

When I invest my time and effort in my education, I will see a return on my investment when I improve my career chances.

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