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November 17, 1997

The following story was written by Joyce Adam. Joyce wrote her story about sledding on a winter day when everyone was complaining about the cold. "It never mattered how cold it was when I was a kid," she said. "We did crazy things and just laughed about it later." Joyce likes reading, camping, running, and slow pitch softball. She is married, with two daughters.


By Joyce Adam

Ten of us were carrying buckets of water to the hill. My older brother had decided to make the hill glare ice. Finally it was ready, so we all jumped on the old car hood, and down we went - fast and far.

Of course we all helped pull the car hood up the hill, but soon I got tired of lugging our heavy homemade sled back up. Too much work for a minute of fun. I started asking myself questions like, "What's fast, light, and easy to carry?" An answer clicked on like a light, "Skates". Without hesitation, I ran to the house and put on the first pair of skates I saw, laced them up, and headed back for the hill.

Just in time. Everyone was heading up on both sides. I shouted, "Watch this!" and down I went. I was a quarter of the way down when the teeth of the figure skates grabbed the ice, sending me acrobatically through the air until I landed flat on my back. Like a wounded animal, I was jerking with every heartbeat while I was out cold.

Everyone came running and formed a circle around me. My brother ordered, "Don't touch her, just go and get Mom." As I lay there in a daze, I could hear someone saying, "I wonder if anything is broken?" Another person said, "It looks like she just about killed herself," and "Look at her body shake."

Mom made her way into the circle, picked me up, and carried me into the house where she put a damp cloth on my forehead and told me to rest. Finally I got up, feeling a lot better. Mom and the rest of my family gave me heck for scaring them. For a while, I was the laughing stock of the family. Everytime we went sliding, thery would say, "Joyce where's your skates?" or "Give us a replay so we can have a good laugh."

[This story was taken with permission from In This Country, Personal Stories About Northern B.C., a collection of writings by students in adult education programs, published by Northern Literacy Readers, College of New Caledonia, BC].

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