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December 8, 1997

For this special launch of "Story of the Week", we have a poem written by Pauline Cole, who lives in Lower Amerst Cove, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. Pauline was very interested in having her poem on the Web. She is 23 years old and has had an interest in writing ever since she started Level One in the Adult Basic Education Program in 1993. Pauline is currently in Level 3 of the ABE Program and is enrolled at the College of the North Atlantic, Bonavista Campus. In 1995, one of her poems,"Dashing Beyond Knowledge" was published in the book "A Newfoundland Spell". Pauline enjoys writing and would like to pursue a career in the writing field.


by Pauline Cole

I like to walk in the day with
it being warm and the sun shining brightly.
I like seeing you day by day
and I like seeing you smiling at me.
I also like hearing the birds singing
above my head when you're whispering to me.

If you could come and walk with me,
it would surely make me smile and
smile so brightly; that it would
brighten up the day even if I'm feeling sad.

I would like it very much if
you would keep on loving me everyday.
I know that one thing is true,
that I will always love you.

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