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December 22, 1997

The following story was written by Lena Williams, from British Columbia. Lena likes to listen to music, take nature walks with her children, and keep busy. She is a single mother of three who hopes to become a business manager. She writes stories in the hope that her children will not have to experience what she has gone through.

Clear and Blue

by Lena Williams

Stepping outside all bundled up at -36, no matter how warm you're dressed, you can still feel the cold. When walking outside you start shivering and shaking and feeling your teeth chattering.

Your ears and the tips of your fingers go numb from being frozen. The tip of the nose, the eyebrow, and the eye lashes are frosty white, and your cheeks are red as an apple.

Staying out too long, you soon feel your feet and hands go numb. While walking fast and breathing into the scarf around your neck, you form icicles.

You can hear the crunch from under your feet when you walk on the ice and snow.

The cars are forever running and you smell those awful car fumes. When you look all around every house chimney is smoking. The sky looks beautiful, clear, and blue, but it's too darn cold, for too long.

[This story was taken with permission from In This Country... Personal Stories About Northern BC, p. 149, written by students in adult education programs, a publication by the College of New Caledonia]

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