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February 17, 1997

The following story was written by Kathy Teicroeb. Kathy is an adult learner at the Pembina Valley Learning Centre in Winkler, Manitoba. This is her first year and her goal is to finish grade 12. She enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar and singing.


by Kathy Teichroeb

There are 23 different species of woodpeckers in North America alone. All woodpeckers have a lot in common.

Woodpeckers can live almost anywhere, from rainforests, to the deserts, to city parks, and they dig their homes in tree trunks. They take what they have and use it.

I think if we would be more satisfied with what we have and use what we have instead of always wanting more, we'd be happy, peaceful people

Woodpeckers can climb up trees without falling because of their two front toes, two hind toes and a stiff feather tail which balance them. Their climb is always uphill.

If we would always look up and feel good about ourselves even if we have mountains to climb and troubles to get through, we can balance ourselves with positive thoughts and not giving up until we get to the top.

Woodpeckers let others know they are near by letting out harsh notes. They don't go out of their way to attack other birds, but they defend their territory.

If we would stand up for ourselves and for others, not getting angry and upset, but being strong and firm with what we say, people would respect each other more.

[This poem was used with permission from Kathy Teichroeb and the kind people at the Pembina Valley Learning Centre, Winkler, Manitoba].

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