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May 17, 1997

This story was written by Richard Moore, a learner at the Literacy Society of South Muskoka, in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Richard Moore is retired and lives in Gravenhurst. For many years he worked at Clevelands House resort and tells some of his experiences in his story. Richard likes to walk about town and is a keen observer of local history and happenings.

My Years At Cleveland's House 1954-1990's

by Richard Moore

I started at Cleveland's House in the year 1954. My first boss was Mr. Wright. The first thing I did was work in the kitchen doing dishes. I worked in the storehouse unloading the trucks with the food and I prepared the food for the cook to cook it.

I did the yard work like weeding and a lot of other things. I really liked the place to work; it is right on the waterfront. I liked working with all the staff. I liked getting paid - $150.00 a month. I started working at 8 a. m. - 4:30 p. m.

The bears were living in the woods. The bears were living on berries and other things. One day I was taking out the garbage to the box. I found a bear in the box. She walked out of the box and looked at me. I thought, "Oh Brother!" Another time I saw a mother bear coming out of the box. She stopped and looked back at me and said, "My babies are in the box. Let them out." Father Bear weighs 800 lbs. I opened the box and two babies ran out to mother.

I really miss the hotel.

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