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August 9, 2010

This week, we have a story written by Delinio Hehn, from Cowichan, BC. Del is enrolled in literacy classes at the Reading and Writing Centre, an upgrading program offered by Vancouver Island University, Cowichan Campus, for adults wanting to improve their reading, writing, and math skills.

The Farm

by Delinio Hehn

On every second Tuesday I walk over to the Dog House. There are seven people that meet at the Dog House for a free ride to the Cobble Hill Farm. On this farm they don’t use any chemicals because it is an organic growing garden. When we arrived in the morning, we saw a man driving a tractor. He was using a disc-harrow to loosen the soil.

Then I helped him with the landscaping. We rolled out the landscaping cloth. It will keep the weeds down. Next we put down bricks to prevent the cloth from blowing away. We measured sixteen inches between rows of landscaping cloth. We learned how to transplant different types of vegetables.

Finally we started planting the onions and lettuces. Using two fingers we dug about an eighth of an inch into the dirt and dropped small plants into the ground. We rolled out the plastic hose for the automatic sprinkling system. Then we went in for coffee, tea and home made muffins with rhubarb in them. Before coming home the lady asked people if they wanted a bag of rhubarb. They brought us back to the Dog House. I cooked up the rhubarb I got from the lady at the farm.

[This story was taken with permission from the Reading and Writing Centre website, in the Writings section .]

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