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August 23, 2010

The story below comes to us from Rosthern, Saskatchewan. The author, Kevin Seesaquasis, was recently enrolled at the Generations Ahead School. His story was published in the book entitled "Sharing Aboriginal Stories". In the story below, English is in italics. Cree is the translated language.

Eagle Feather, Pipe & Shield

by Kevin Seesequasis

Book cover of Sharing Aboriginal Stories

My name is Kevin Seesequasis. I went to Generations Ahead School.
Kevin Seesequasis nitsikason. Generations Ahead
Kiskinwahamatowikamik niki kiskinwahamakawin.

I learned about our treaties, and knowledge of my culture and language.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin tipamatowin, nehiyawin ekwa nehiyawewin.

I learned we are all treaty people from the treaty regions.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin kakiyaw oma kiyanaw tipamato wiyinwak ohta ohci.

I learned about the eagle feather, pipe and the shield.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin kihiwimkwan, ospwakan ekwa nakahaskwan.

I learned the eagle feather stands for young warrior.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin kihiw mihkwan tapiskohc okicitwan.

I learned the shield symbolizes a never ending circle and provides healing.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin nakahaskwan e-wawiyeak tapiskohc pimatisiwin, namoya e-ponipayik ekwa e-ayinikahikot.

I learned that the pipe is used for carrying prayers and healing processes.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin ospwakan e-pimotatat kakisimowin ekwa e-ayinikahit.

I learned one has to be worthy before they can be a pipe carrier.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin piko katepakeyitakosit pam weyisk ospwakana katakonat.

I learned how to learn about my culture through words and syllabics.
Niki kiskinwahamakawin ti kiskinowahamakosin ka isi nehiyawin ekwa masinahaman nehiyawewin.

[This story was taken with permission, from the book entitled "Sharing Aboriginal Stories".]

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