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Janurary 21, 2008

This week, we have a story written by Garth Whittaker, from Bedford-Sackville, Nova Scotia.  Garth is enrolled in literacy classes at the Bedford Sackville Literacy Network (BSLN).

Memories of Yesteryear

by Garth Whittaker

There are many times when my thoughts take me down memory lane. Some of my fondest memories are when my Dad would load us all in the car for a Sunday drive. Our parents in the front; Diane, myself and our dog Teddy in the back.

We left Halifax and drove along the Bedford highway on our way to Sunnyside. As it is today, Sunnyside and the Chicken Burger drive-in restaurants were the hot spots for families of the 50's. Once at Sunnyside I'd run to the front of the restaurant, for in the window was a donut making machine. Spitting and sputtering, the fat would come alive, til floating to the surface was a golden brown donut. I was totally amazed by this contraption.

The donuts were lifted onto a conveyor belt, dropping donut upon donut, creating a mound of mouth watering treats. Dad always bought a dozen for the family.

Once my appetite had been satisfied, off I'd go with Diane and Teddy. We'd play on the banks of the Sackville River until Mom called and it was time to leave.

Over the years Sunnyside has changed greatly. Gone are the original buildings and the picnic areas; gone but not forgotten. For my memories take me back to yesteryear, to the happy carefree times of childhood spent with my family on warm sunny days at Sunnyside.

[This story was taken with permission, from the Bedford Sackville Literacy Network (BSLN) website, under Learner Stories.]

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