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April 28, 2008

This poem was written by Wally Katigakyok, from Windsor, Ontario. Wally is an Inuit and is enrolled in literacy classes in the Windsor area.


by Wally Katigakyok

When I was small,
You seemed very tall, You treated me like dirt,
Now I'm feeling very hurt ...

You were the one I was supposed to look up to,
Then I realized that was not true.
I was an innocent child,
Gone completely wild ...

People can easily see,
That I don't trust my family.
Living with this pain,
Is driving me insane ...

Oh Great Spirit with your gentle voice,
Please help me to make the right choice.
Help me to understand,
That you are in command ...

Help me to forgive,
So that I can continue to live.
Help me to be strong,
Especially when things start to go wrong ...

Once and for all,
I want to be able to walk proud and tall
I want to be able to walk with my head held high,
Especially when I look up into the big blue sky ...

Wally Katigakyok, 41, Inuit
Windsor, Ontario

[“Hurt” by Wally Katigakyok, Journeys of the Spirit III, p.29. Used with permission, from Ningwakwe Learning Press.]

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