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May 19, 2008

The following story was written by Carey Rigby-Wilcox, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Carey is a mother of four and is loving the new direction that her life has taken her. Her journey in life has guided her towards her deepest passions - books and art. Carey is now combining them and has become a self published author and illustrator. She is also an adult learner who enjoys telling her life story, in hopes other learners will not feel so alone. She wants to help others that have never had reading or writing problems to better understand what it is really like for those that do.


by Carey Rigby-Wilcox

I have done numerous speeches throughout the years. At the beginning I just spoke to literacy organization, and  people familiar to literacy issues. I am grateful for my life in take the turn to be able to speaking to all individual in many interesting area of life. Realizing that literacy issues are everywhere and anywhere. You can find a literacy component to all these area of life. Family, health, school, work place, disabilities, seniors, justices, all cultures, poverty, suicides, alcoholism. I clearly see the connection to many issues, because of all my literacy challenges I relate to almost all of them in some form. I feel that it is just so obvious how important literacy for people and their family. I firmly believe reading and writing  is a birth "write" for every individual. I am here to share my life story showing how my life was with  the lack of literacy skill, and now how my life is with  literacy skill. Reading and writing is a form of freedom, a freedom to have choices and make life dreams come true

 I have truly enjoyed being able to share my stories with so many.  I have benefited from every one. Recently I have been going into the school system talking to the children. I enjoy the challenge of talking to young children and young adults. I have come out of each school learning something knew about literacy about I also learn allot about myself. I hope that I always have opportunities to talk at the school across Canada.

I will keep supporting literacy issue and finding new and exciting ways to get involved.

Life is good!!!


[This story was taken with permission, from Carey’s website at]

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