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September 1, 2008

Barbara giving her speech

This story was written by Barbara Rahm, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Barb is enrolled in literacy classes at READ Saskatoon.  She received The Co-operators' Learner Achievement Award in 2007.

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Overcoming Illiteracy

by Barbara Rahm

  • Hi, my name is Barbara.
  • I'm very proud to be standing here today.
  • This award really means a lot to me.
  • Because you see, as a child and as an adult I never would have thought that I would ever be good enough at anything to win an award.
  • I felt so stupid and different because I thought that I did not have a whole brain.
  • As I have a learning disability which makes it hard for me to learn how to do these things.
  • Not being able to read or write affected even the smaller things in life...
  • I was never able to send, or read, birthday and Christmas cards.
  • I managed to graduate with my grade 12, but I am not proud of this as I feel that I am not a true graduate.
  • I knew that I would never reach my goals and dreams not knowing how to read and write.
  • The things that would really bother me were...
  • Not being able to read bedtime stories to my little boy, Dalton.
  • Reading medicine directions, addresses, newsletters
  • All the little things that most people take for granted. I could not do without help.
  • I remember how I used to read stories to my son. I would look at the pictures and used them to make up my own story.
  • I tried to hide my reading problem from my son. But his father would read the same stories to him and as he got older he started to notice the difference.
  • The day came to tell my boy my secret, Mommy couldn't read.
  • I saw a T.V commercial about a program that could help me... READ Saskatoon
  • So I called READ that same day and I was matched with my tutor, Geraldine.
  • Geraldine and I meet once a week and with her help I am reading and writing much better now.
  • READ Saskatoon had a program called Project Ready, that I am happy to say that I was apart of.
  • In Project Ready I learned many things, but I will just mention some of my favorites...
  • C.P.R, Foodsafe level one, Parent Effectiveness training, Conflict Resolutions and the CHEP cooking program.
  • My life has changed in so many ways since contacting READ. I now have way more confidence in my self. And because of this I have learned some good communication skills, parenting skills and relationship skills. I can now sit and read a story or book to my son.
  • I was worried when Project Ready ended. I wondered what I was going to do next.
  • But I am happy to tell you that with the support of Tara, Mavis and Sheryl from READ Saskatoon I am in a wonderful new program that is helping me at my level.
  • I have improved so much and I will not give up and I know I will reach my dreams.
  • In the future it is my plan to be confident enough to be able to do anything that I want to do. Like college and a career. You know, where I make lots of money... hahaha.
  • Thank you again to READ Saskatoon, Geraldine my tutor, my family and all the other people who have supported me in my journey.
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