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December 1, 2008

Shall I Stay, or Shall I Go?

by Barb Pottier
Captain William Spry Library Adult Learning Program

photo of Barb with Linda Oakley and Avril Lewis
Barb with Captain William Spry Coordinator Linda Oakley and tutor Avril Lewis

I sit here looking into the fire on this cold, cold night.
The fames are dancing and calling my name. Closer, closer they would tease.
Knowing I would get lost in their timeless dreams.
Dancing, dancing little flames, were are we going? How long will we stay?
Down to the ocean we will go. Ride the waves, far, far away.
Over the water we will glide. See the dolphins at our side.
Jumping, jumping up so high. Come and play won’t you stay?
Tick, tick time to go, the old black stove is getting cold.
Tick, tick of the stove, shall I stay or shall I go?

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