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December 1, 2008

Love, That's Christmas

by Barb Pottier
Captain William Spry Library Adult Learning Program

photo of Barb with Linda Oakley and Avril Lewis
Barb with Captain William Spry Coordinator Linda Oakley and tutor Avril Lewis

Yes, I love Christmas and the meaning of Christmas. The birth of Christ; the love we should feel for each other.

Unfortunately I work in retail. Christmas is the time of the year that should mean love for everyone, but after 24 years working in the busiest department at the busiest time of the year, I have seen that there are too many people who think Christmas means, who is going to get the biggest TV set.

I myself still love to spend time with my family. The little things - the night before Christmas, a cupcake with a candle for baby Christ, looking out of the window for Santa, laying down with the babies with all their wishes and dreams for Christmas morning.

Love. That's Christmas.

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