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December 1, 2008

A Walk in the Night

by Jane Burchell
Spring Garden Library Adult Learning Program

photo of Jane reading
Jane sharing one of her stories at the Spring Garden Road Library

A lady from our community had a habit of every Saturday night to go playing cards at a neighbor's house so that was the cause of her staying out until twelve or one o'clock in the morning.

It so happened, that when she was ready to leave it began thundering and lightening and raining outside. The lights were all out around her.

However, she started the long route home. While walking Mary sensed there was someone or something behind her. She took a quick look and began to get very nervous. There was a huge wild cat following her with the same pace she was walking. This beast was snarling and growling with froth coming out of his mouth with its hair standing up on his back.

Poor Mary - what could she do? Thoughts within her mind told her to walk at the same pace and not to make a whisper. She was getting close to her destiny. Glancing back again she felt her enemy at hand.

As she got closer to home Mary opened the gate, wondering if that wild animal could jump. The untamed animal became still and didn't attack. He turned and looked at Mary as much as to say "Would you take me home?" He slowly slipped away.

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