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December 1, 2008

Summer Vacation

by Julie Lynn Stanhope
Keshen Goodman Library Adult Learning Program

photo of Julie Lynn with Linda & Shirin
Julie Lynn with Coordinators Linda & Shirin at the Keshen Goodman Library

I went to Cape Breton on the shuttle bus. The bus made so many stops including one at the airport. We also stopped in Antigonish just to eat and use the bathroom at the Quick Stop. Finally the shuttle bus dropped me off at the Shirley Gift Shop. My boyfriend Sandy and his mom Pat Pond were there to meet me. We had supper at his sister Kathy’s house with his nephew, his baby niece, his father and his stepmother and brother Robert. We had pizza. We had dessert at his sister Buela’s house with his three nephews and two nieces. We had turkey dinner at his mom’s house. I helped his mom out to move his grandmother to her new house. Sandy’s mom gave me Avon stuff. I got two lipsticks and two perfumes and lots of bathroom stuff. She gave me a pink shawl as well.

Pat took us on a tour.We saw Mabou. We had lobster supper at Sandy sister’s house. It was a giant lobster! I brought lots of stuff back from Cape Breton for different people. His sister Kathy gave us a drive to the bus in Port Hawkesbury. His mom gave me a hug. I would like to see more of Cape Breton as soon as possible.

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