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December 1, 2008

My Time at the North End Library Upgrading Program

by Kathy Dobson
Halifax North Library Adult Learning Program

I have been going down to the library for upgrading since 1994.

When I was a child I didn’t go to school very long. I missed three years and fell behind in my schoolwork. When I went back to school I was tested but the teacher said I could not return. I waited until there was a place at the Nova Scotia Training School in Truro. My mother arranged for me and my two brothers to be enrolled there. I was there for seven years and my brother George was there for eight years. My brother Lloyd did not like it and kept running away.

When I finished at school I went home to live with my mother and I worked at a few different jobs. I heard about an upgrading program at the North End Library so I started coming to it in 1994.

I hope to continue to improve myself with the help of the program. The staff and the tutors are very helpful and friendly so that makes me want to keep coming. We have a new Program Coordinator and she is very nice.

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