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December 1, 2008

Blueberry Picking

by Kathy Dobson
Halifax North Library Adult Learning Program

It was a nice summer morning and I was waiting for Tara and Jimmie to come and pick me up to go blueberry picking. I got in the car and first we went to pick up Shelley, then off we went top meet some of Tara’s relatives at the Wal- Mart parking lot. Then we all got on a bus and the driver took us to a place called Blueberry Acres. We picked a lot of blueberries and when we finished it was time for lunch. We were all hungry and a bit tired so Tara took us to the Irving Restaurant and we had an extra-good lunch there. After lunch we went to a zoo and I fed one of the animals. Next we went to visit Shelley’s father at his campground.

Tara and Jimmie drove Shelley and I home. They opened the trunk and gave me a container of blueberries. I thanked them both for the nice day and they drove off.

Harry and I had blueberries in a dish with milk and sugar for dessert at suppertime - Yum!

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