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December 1, 2008

Come to the Literacy Program!

by Kerry Fitzpatrick
Keshen Goodman Library Adult Learning Program

photo of Kerry Ann & Cody
Kerry Ann & Cody at the Keshen Goodman Library

Hi, my name is Kerry Fitzpatrick. I have a son name Cody I love him a lot he is my life. That why I am come to the program to learn to read and write so I can read to him and write notes to him. Someday help him with his homework to.

I am learning a lot from the program. I go to reading and writing and spelling. I write stories about different subject I enjoy everything I do. I would like to improve my spelling.

My Tutors name is Movina. She is very nice and understanding and I like her a lot. I hope she is my tutor for a long time.

I would like to learn more reading and spelling so I can work with Cody. One day might find a job. I would like the program to continue.

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