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December 1, 2008

Hurricane Juan Memories

by Mary Thompson
North Branch Library Adult Learning Program

It's 4 AM and I'm looking out the window towards the Dixon Centre . I see a huge tree on the ground and all the roots are showing. It looks like thousands and thousands of little worms trying to get away from the tree but they can't. I am sitting in a dark room now looking at my daughter sleep, wondering what she will say about this mess when she wakes up.

What seemed to be a few minutes was really three hours later when Rhonda was trying to walk out the door to go to school. I told her that there was no school because the power was out , trees were down and there were a few barbecues in the road. So while Rhonda goes to find some flashlights I'm seeing what we could have for breakfast considering we can't cook.

So we took what we could up to my mother's place so she would not be alone, but as soon as we got there I'm second guessing if we should have gone up there because what seems to be part of a roof is on the ground. Those parts are from my mother's roof!

Later she went on T.V. and some strangers fixed her roof. The M and M Company gave a lot of food to our neighbourhood. The Red Cross gave us sweets. We went to Rhonda's grandmothers to play cards and stayed there a few days. She had a battery radio. Some food went bad. We went to our friend's to barbecue some of it before it spoiled. People were very kind to each other during Hurricane Juan.

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