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December 1, 2008

Grampy on the Chicken Farm

by Percy Oliver
Halifax North Library Adult Literacy Program

For Drake

When Grampy was a boy and going to school, he would look out for his older brother and his younger sister and he would look after the chickens in the barn behind the house. Grampy would feed the chickens and give them water and collect the eggs in the nests.

Sometimes Grampy would leave an egg behind and watch a magical thing happen: the egg would turn into a chicken! The hen would lay on her egg and keep it warm until the chick could get free of the shell. After a hen had laid many eggs, Grampy would pick her up, take her outside, open his hands, and the hen would fly away. She would look back at Grampy as if to say "no more eggs!" and Grampy would say "your shift has ended".

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