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December 22, 2008

This week, we have a story written by a learner in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The author, Choolawtee Beeharry-Paray, came to Canada from Mauritius, to be closer to her children. She likes to help people. She says that in her country, you need a strong house for cyclone weather.


by Choolawtee Beeharry-Paray

My daughter and I look similar. We both have long hair and we both are tall, but I'm a little bit shorter. Our eyes are the same dark colour, and face is the same. She likes girls, but she hasn't any daughters. She has three boys and I have three daughters and one boy. We both like to cook and like to eat vegetables. I like to watch TV, and she likes to sing and listen to music. We both speak the same language. She speaks English better than I do. She doesn't like window shopping and I like it so that is a little bit different compared to her. She lives in Esterhazy, and I live in Yorkton. I love her.

[This story was taken with permission, from the Parkland College Literacy Newsletter, October 2008.]

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