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March 9, 1998

We would like to introduce two learners from the "Bridges to Employment" program, who will read stories written about their thoughts on education in a northern community and the importance of ESL classes.

P.A. and M.H. are learners who regularly attend a 15 week Pre-employment/Vocational Upgrading Program. This program is sponsored by Employment Projects for Women Inc. and funded by Manitoba education and Training, Adult Literacy and Continuing Education. The "Bridges to Employment" program provides Canadian and Foreign born individuals the opportunity to learn English, mathematics, and introduction to computers and employment preparation.

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My Education Background

By P.A.

My hometown is in Northern Manitoba. This is where I grew up and received my education.

My first year of grade school started in Grade 1 in a Catholic School. I didn’t go to a Residential School or Boarding School because my sisters and I didn’t live far away from the school. We walked to school everyday in order to get our education.

Sometimes it was very hard, especially in winter time since we walked in very cold temperatures. Sometimes we had frostbite on our faces just walking to school in the freezing temperatures.

In summer we had to cross by rowboat or sometimes our Dad would drop us off on his way to work. In the autumn we had to walk on trails or on high rocks before reaching our school.

We had hot lunches at school so our parents didn't have to pack our lunch boxes for the school days.

Frontier School Division took over the Catholic Schools probably around 1970. They started building gravel roads to transport the students on school buses. They also started nursery and Kindergarten for the preschoolers so they could start their education at an earlier age.

I quit school in Junior High because my sisters were quitting. I regret it because I should have continued and finished my education instead of making a foolish mistake.

I always encourage my son to finish his education so he can have a good job. I also tell my nephews and nieces not to quit school or do anything that they will regret in later years.

This is why I am here at Bridges to Employment so I can up-grade my reading, mathematics and employment skill.

I want to continue to upgrade my skills and to try and reach my goals which are to finish Grade 12 and get a good paying job.

These are my goals for the future.

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