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November 29, 2010

The following story was written by James Forde, from Pointe-Claire in Quebec. James is enrolled in literacy classes at Literacy Unlimited, in Pointe-Claire.

A Happy Dad

by James K. Forde

I was so sad inside, because I couldn’t read or write to my beautiful daughter. My life today is full of happiness, joy and smiles. I love waking up to have my lovely daughter giving me warmhugs and kisses. We like to laugh a lot and enjoy going to the movies and eating popcorn. We have a wonderful father and daughter relationship.

I play two roles for Kayla, both mother and father because her mother wasn’t there for her. It wasn’t always like this. I was very embarrassed since I was illiterate. I wanted to be like other dads and read to my daughter at night. I needed help to be able to read and write. Fortunately Literacy Unlimited came to my rescue. Slowly I began to read and write with help from my tutors. Now with the grace of God, I am able to read to Kayla. It fills me with great joy. I laugh loudly with her when she corrects my mistakes. It gives me great hope for the future for the both of us. I have never been so content in my life.

Thank you Kayla.


[This story was taken with permission, from Write On! Student Literature - Expressing our thoughts and opinions, p. 12 - published by Literacy Unlimited.]

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