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December 7, 2009

photo of Irene-Ann with her mother and tutor Kelly
Irene-Ann with her mother and tutor Kelly at the Spring Garden Library Adult Learning Program

The stories this week are written by students with the Halifax Community Learning Network ( HCLN is part of the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning and offers programs at the Captain William Spry, Halifax North, Keshen Goodman, and Spring Garden Road branches of the Halifax Public Libraries.

Being a Good Driver

by Irene-Ann Hinde
Spring Garden Road Library Adult Learning Program

My idea of being a good driver is following rules of the road. It is necessary to go to a Driving School where you sit in a class and try to learn from the instructor.

Being a good driver is listening to the instructor in the class about the safety of the road. I have been a Crossing Guard for 10 years. As a crossing guard, I observe the drivers on how they behave on the road. Most drivers like to think they are at speedway racing. Drivers don’t respect their cars the way they should.

My way of learning to drive a car is to pay close attention of the area where you live and the speed zone. We could prevent more accidents by not using cell phones and not putting on makeup while driving.

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