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Learner story archives

December 7, 2009

photo of Robert Lowe and Joan
Robert and his tutor Joan celebrate after he read his story

The stories this week are written by students with the Halifax Community Learning Network ( HCLN is part of the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning and offers programs at the Captain William Spry, Halifax North, Keshen Goodman, and Spring Garden Road branches of the Halifax Public Libraries.

My Letter To Tiger Woods

by Robert Lowe
Spring Garden Road Library Adult Learning Program

Dear Tiger Woods

I am your big fan. Please come to Halifax.

I play at Ashburn Golf Course.

Where do you live?

Would you come down to Halifax for our Christmas party on December 10, 2009?

We are at the Halifax Public Library on Spring Garden Road.

You could bring your wife if you want.

I am going to Chester to play golf in a tournament.

How busy are you?

I went to Chester and played golf in a tournament.

We won the medals and the trophy at the tournament.

We had a good meal.

I hope you come down to Halifax.

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