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July 27, 1998

This story was written by Joanne Giroux, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Joanne has recently been involved in literacy classes with the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), Kelsey Campus.

Locked Out Of My House

by Joanne Giroux

I remember the time when I locked myself out of my house; it was a real disaster since my brother was visiting at the time. First, I put the children to bed: my brother was getting tired and asked for a ride home, and I agreed. Before we left, I checked on the sleeping children and locked the door on my way out. At that instant, I realized I did not have my house keys. In a panic, I knocked on the door, rang the door bell, pounded on the windows and tried to pry them open . I succeeded only in waking the neighbour's yappy dog. In the meantime, my brother had an idea of how to get in through the basement window. He was skinny enough to fit and crawled through it. The next day, I went out and had numerous duplicates made of the house keys.

[This story was taken with permission, from a collection of stories written by learners at SIAST, entitled VISIONS VII, published by Adult Basic Education 10, Student and Academic Services Division, Kelsey Campus - p.28.]

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