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August 3, 1998

This week, we have a story written by Craig Milley, from Amherst, Nova Scotia. Craig is employed full-time, and during his spare time, he has been involved in the CANU Program (Cumberland Adult Network for Upgrading) in his area. He finds that these programs are the best way for people to learn to read and write. The program facilitator at CANU also encouraged Craig to go after what he wants, and went out of her way to help. Now, Craig takes time to explore new ideas and new fields of learning.

Glooscap and the Beaver

by Craig Milley

If you are someone who enjoys Indian legends, you may enjoy the legend of Glooscap and how he made Five Islands.

It all started with a hard working beaver that made his dam across a stretch of water between Cape Blomidon and Parrsboro. For the beaver, the dam made life very good. With the water not able to run free, it would back up and flood the land around Cape Blomidon and Parrsboro. This made the beaver very happy, but it made the Indians that lived on the land very angry. The water would flood their teepees and leave the Indians without homes. It would also keep them from growing food. With their land being flooded, they tried hard to get rid of the beaver but had no luck. The beaver just kept on building his dam.

Just when the Indians thought they would never get rid of the beaver, they saw Glooscap in his canoe heading for the dam. Glooscap was a great warrior who always came to help his people when they needed him. After he got near the dam, he took his paddle and slapped the water so hard the dam broke apart. After the dam broke, Glooscap saw the beaver hiding near the shore. With great quickness he grabbed some mud and rocks and threw them at the beaver.

The beaver, as quick as he was, got away and went looking for anew place to make his dam. The Indian legend clams that Five Islands were made from all of the mud and rock Glooscap threw at the beaver.

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