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September 14, 1998

The following story was written by three ESL (English as a Second Language) learners from Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Lana Petriw came to Canada about six years ago from Ukraine. She learned English in Canada with the help of a volunteer tutor and the ESL program offered through the Literacy Program at Parkland Regional College, in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Eugenia Berezniak came to Canada in 1990 from Poland. Her hobbies are : skating, volleyball, and cooking. Eugenia wants to learn to speak better English. Miji Kim came from Korea with her husband and son in 1993. Her hobbies are : craft, fashion, designing, flower arrangements, etc. Miji is learning English so that she can get a decent job in Canada. She would like to converse with her son in English and help him with his homework.


by Lana Petriw, Eugenia Berezniak and Miji (Yu Jeal) Kim

Saskatchewan, where we are living now, has very short summer, but we like it.

We can do many things in summertime. We can do gardening, we can go swimming, fishing and we can have a long vacation. The weather here is always warm and beautiful.

We enjoy Saskatchewan summers very much and have a lot of fun.

God bless Canada!

[This story was taken with permission, from Parkland Regional College Literacy Newsletter, December 1997.]

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