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October 12, 1998

This week, our story comes to us from Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The author, Eugenia Berezniak, came to Canada in 1990 from Poland. Her hobbies are skating, volleyball and cooking. She wants to learn to speak better English.

Thanksgiving Day

by Eugenia Berezniak

October 13th is Thanksgiving Day. This holiday is really popular in Canada and United States. We see season's decorations very specific to Thanksgiving Day in the stores and the homes of people. Colourful leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows look very warm and everybody feels as if a part of fall has come to their homes.

Thanksgiving is a family day. People have turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. They thank God for his blessings. They thank each other for the goods things they have done. It's really a nice tradition, because we all get to thank the people we want to. I would like to thank my teacher for helping us.

[This story was taken with permission, from Parkland Regional College Literacy Newsletter, Dec. 1997.]

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