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December 6, 2010

This week, we have a story written by Frances Keatings, from Woodstock, Ontario. Frances has been involved in the Gateway To Learning literacy program for three months. Before starting this program Frances never would have thought about writing a story. Now she can organize her thoughts and write about her experiences. She would like to share one of the stories she has written, together with a picture of her with her tutor, Ian Robinson.

My funny story about the Santa Claus parade

by Frances Keatings

Frances, with her tutor, Ian Robinson

Our float was number 67, it was the last float before Santa. The floats we saw going out of the track were beautiful and as we came around the track to go out Santa was on his float to follow us. I did not know that Dundas Street.was so long and Vansittart Avenue also.

I would like to tell you a story about getting on the float. I am very heavy and it took two men at my shoulders and my husband with his hands on my bum to push me up on the float. To get down from the float I had to have two men put their shoulders together and lift me up. My granddaughters said my feet were moving and I was not on the ground yet.

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