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December 13, 2010

Heather working on computer skills with her tutor, Rick
Heather working on computer skills with her tutor, Rick

The 11 stories this week are written by students with the Halifax Community Learning Network ( HCLN is part of the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning and offers programs at the Captain William Spry, Halifax North, Keshen Goodman, and Spring Garden Road branches of the Halifax Public Libraries.

The story below was written by Heather Myatt, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Heather is enrolled in literacy classes at the Keshen Goodman Library Adult Learning Program.


by Heather Myatt

On Friday I went home. My aunt and uncle were there. We talked and I went to bed early.!

On Saturday afternoon I looked after Alexander, Jonah and Skye with my aunt and uncle.!

On Sunday morning Heather started preparing the dinner while I watched. She cooked turkey with squash, potatoes, carrots, stuffing and gravy. It was good!!

It was nice to see my family!

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