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Learner story archives

December 13, 2010

Ken and Cathy
Ken and Cathy, one of the tutors who helps him learn at the Keshen Goodman Library

The 11 stories this week are written by students with the Halifax Community Learning Network ( HCLN is part of the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning and offers programs at the Captain William Spry, Halifax North, Keshen Goodman, and Spring Garden Road branches of the Halifax Public Libraries.

The story below was written by Kenneth McDow, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kenneth is enrolled in literacy classes at the Keshen Goodman Library Adult Learning Program.

The Story About Tutors

by Kenneth McDow

There are people who need help for reading and writing and the tutor can help. The people cannot do reading and writing. There are tutors who are different and who like to help people. It is hard for the people to learn and it takes time.

It takes time for the people to get used to their own tutor. But in time the people can learn from the different tutors in my class.

When you get used to the tutor, you can make it work. The tutor knows best how to help other people. It takes time for the people to learn from different tutors. The tutor can teach history and reading books from the library in the class and can help with math, too.

The people want to make life better for the person in the work force and in the world and to make life better for their families.

After learning in the school, the people can help their children with their homework at night. This makes it better for them when they grow up and their own children go to school to learn.

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