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January 3, 2011

Debbie Lathlin

This week, the story was written by Debbie Lathlin, from Edmonton, Alberta. Debbie is enrolled in literacy classes at The Learning Centre. She finds that without the Centre, it would have been impossible to achieve what she did. As a poet and one of the founding members of the Writers’ Circle at the Centre, Debbie has been involved in book launches and readings for the Stroll of Poets and the Homefest, an event that raises awareness of homelessness in Edmonton. The Learning Centre has helped her gain skills she never knew she had. She attends the math program. Debbie can now proudly help her kids with schoolwork. This is no longer a frustrating struggle for both her kids and herself. Her writing has improved, too, thanks to her poetry writing. With published work and success at her side, Debbie is on the right track to writing her book. With The Learning Centre, she now has the confidence, the strength, hope, and ability to stand on two feet and share her success.


by Debbie Lathlin

Sometimes in society, depending on who you pass by, in a way, nowadays you need courage to spread kindness. You could say hi to the elder lady sittin’ at the bus stop – as you pass by, you just say hi. The reactions from people vary: from stunned, to a stutter and a psh! … not very often do you receive a hi back. Having courage to say hi to someone nowadays is a very iffy thing, due to reactions. Do you have the courage? What about to some slum-lookin’ dude, or the chick in the low skirt and high boots? Kindness is spread through one word: hi. And, if you’re lucky, maybe with a smile. I don’t say hi to everyone, but when I do, it’s always with a smile. I have courage to spread kindness in one word. Hi!

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