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February 28, 2011

This week, our story comes to us from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  The author, Rose W, is enrolled in literacy classes at Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN), a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving literacy levels in the community. It offers training for adults in language, mathematics, computers and life skills.

Look At Me...

by Rose W.

If you were me and I were you, would you want me to laugh at you?

Am I that funny? Or is it that you don’t understand me? Is it that you see so much of yourself in me? Now that you have climbed up life’s ladder, you don’t like the you, that you see in me.

Some of us are born richer than others, but that does not mean money. It means that they have parents who care about what happens to them. Some have no one to care. Oh, it is bingo or a dance or to just to go out.

Who is looking after me? The little one! Oh yes, there are those who are judging and verbally abusing me; so what! They pay attention to me.

So what if it is wrong? No one told them that. Now that you are up the ladder, you don’t remember just what it was like to get up that first rung.

When you get down, it is easier to stay down than it is to get up. You don’t remember that.

All you see is silly little me! Make sure it is not your own mirror you are looking in when you look at me.

So next time you laugh out loud at me, you should know I am crying inside for someone to help me up life’s ladder.

Maybe the bottom is not the same for you as it is for me but I am sure we all hit bottom now and then.

So help me please by not judging me.

Don’t make fun of me just because now I am at the bottom and you are at the top.

Some day you might be down and I will help you up!

Just remember: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’’.

(This story was taken with permission, from The Reader 2010, published by the Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN), p.4.)

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