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August 9, 1999

This story was written by John Woodworth, from Brookland, Nova Scotia. John has a tutor who has been coming to his home since about a year and a half now. He prefers one-on-one tutoring to learning in a classroom. He enjoys literacy and wants to improve his reading and writing skills before starting on math. Although he is often unemployed, John tries to find different jobs that he likes.

The Farm

by John Woodworth

I was born and brought up on a farm. We had cattle, pigs, hens, goats and horses. I had to do the feeding and cleaning of the animals and the barn. That is why my education suffered, but it had to be done. Dad had to leave early in the morning and was home late at night from work. Out of the three boys, I was the oldest. So it was left up to me to make sure the chores were all done before Dad got home. So many times I just didn't have the time for my schooling as many other children did.

[This story was taken with permission, from a collection of stories written by learners from different areas of Nova Scotia, entitled Over the Mountain III : The Circle of Life, p.68]

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