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March 21, 2011

The following story was written by Sara Wright, from Nanaimo, BC. Sara is enrolled in literacy classes at Literacy Central Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo.

The Concert

by Sara Wright

A moment means a short period of time that passes.  I definitely lived in a moment when I saw the soprano Sarah Brightman, on December 13, 2008 in Victoria.  As the sound of a bell toll I saw this figure come out of the dark with a veil covering figure.  As soon the figure came into full view my jaw dropped into a grin because I knew it was Sarah Brightman.  As the music changed to “Gothica/Fleur de Mar, she was stripped down into a red dress.  Then a beam of light shone upon a diva.  The holler of this angel that blast through the stero made me feel that this moment of actually seeing Brightman made me feel totally star struck.  I was totally in awe and enjoyed every moment of it.  Although the moment lasted about two hours, I wouldn’t forget this short passing of time.

[This story was taken with permission from In Our Words, 2009 edition, a collection of writings by students at Literacy Central Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo.]

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