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March 19, 2007

This poem was written by Harriet Meade, from North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Harriet attends class with the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County, North Sydney Class. She was born in Grey Rivers, Newfoundland and has lived in North Sydney for about 18 years. Harriet enjoys being with older people and taking care of them. Harriet feels that going back to school is the best thing she has ever done in her whole life. It took a lot of nerve for her to enroll in the ALACBC program but she looks forward to the fall when classes resume in North Sydney.

Holocaust War

by Harriet Meade

They were a family of four
Sometimes happy sometimes poor
They had taken their mother and their dad
And each other is all they had
Their uncle came and took them away to far away land
They missed their friends when they were gone
They found a new friend but it was only a dog
One sad day the soldiers came and took them away
All Hanna wanted was for them to let her stay
But they made her and George go their separate ways
They hugged each other and said good bye
Hanna had to try very hard not to cry
With the girls she had to go
When they'll meet again we will never know

[This story was taken with permission, from Our Side of the Mountain 2006, p. 40, a collection of writings by adult learners from Cape Breton.]

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