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June 11, 2007

The following story was written by Robert Eugene Nichols, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Robert was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He has two sisters and four brothers. He is a student of the Dartmouth Literacy Network.

Why I Love Movies

by Robert Nichols

A long time ago my brother and I went to the movies about five times every week. My Mother had to go to work during the day. I was about 7, my brother was about 9. When my Mother went to work she would lay out two dimes on the table. We knew what she wanted us to do with them. For us the movie was only 10 cents to go in. The movie we went to showed three pictures, so we were in there for about 6 to 10 hours a day (So the movies were our babysitter).

Our Father was a camera man at another theatre but every now and then he would be at the same movie we were. Sometimes he would come down from the booth and sit with us and explain what was going on in the movie. That made the movie more interesting and exciting. When he took us up to the booth we saw him change the reel on one projector while the other projector was showing another part of the movie. Altogether it was about ten reels of film to complete one movie.

As we got older we were still going to the movies, this time using our own money. As the years passed we had to pay more money to get in and we saw two, then one picture at the movie. From 10 cents for 3 it went to one movie for 75.

We had so much fun at the movies. I love Westerns, Science Fiction, Roman and Horror movies the best. As I got older I started liking Drama and Mysteries. A great part of my life was at the movies. One day before I go "home" I would like to be in a movie. (A good one.) That would really make my day.

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