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April 11, 2011

This week, our story comes to us from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  The author, Danny B., is enrolled in literacy classes at Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN), a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving literacy levels in the community. It offers training for adults in language, mathematics, computers and life skills.

No More Cats

by Danny B.

Bob says no more cats. But I want a cat Jan says. I miss the old cat. Jan feels sad. Bob asks Jan do you miss the cats hair on the rug? No I don’t miss the hair, Jan says. Bob says no more cats. If a cat comes I go. Jan goes to the pet shop. The pet shop wants three hundred dollars for a kitten. I’m sorry you’re sad Bob says. Bob looks in the paper. He reads free kittens black male, white female. This time Jan brings a kitten home. She brings the male. Jan hears Bob laughing. She hears him talking to the kitten. Little by little the kitten gets bigger. Bob is petting it. He is talking to it. He’s getting big, like the old cat.

(This story was taken with permission, from The Reader 2010, published by the Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN), p.5.)

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