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December 17, 2007

Photo of Grace and Etta
Grace and Etta working together at the Halifax North Public Library

Grace is a student at the Halifax North Library Adult Learning Program who works with her tutor Etta Hamm each week.

Rose's New Clothes

by Grace McGregor

A few weeks ago I met a woman at church. I’ll call her Rose. I found Rose very nice and liked her a lot.

Rose told me the house she and her mother were living in had just sold. Her mother was going to a nursing home, and Rose had to move too. She felt very sad about this.

Then Rose told me she had no clothes that were fit to wear. I could see this was true. She was ashamed of her clothes. This bothered me a lot.

I went around and got some clothes for Rose. I got skirts, tops, and two coats, and took them to Rose at her new place. We laughed and had lots of fun when Rose tried on her new clothes. She loved them all. They made her look like a new woman! She couldn’t take the smile off her face. Rose thanked me over and over again.

Helping Rose made me feel very good. I’ll help her as much as I can. I’m glad I met Rose. We are good friends.

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