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January 2, 2006

This week, we have a poem written by Jennifer Gleave, from Arichat, Nova Scotia. Jennifer is 44 years old and moved from the United Kingdom to Canada two years ago, with her husband and family. She loves to write poems and short stories, and is currently studying for her GED with the Richmond County Literacy Network in Arichat, Nova Scotia, which is on Cape Breton Island. This country inspires her to write. The scenery is so beautiful, and the landscape adorns such lovely colours, such as the serene blue of the ocean as she looks outside her window, the crisp white purity of the snow falling in the winter, looking like a picture postcard when just settled.

The Dancing Fall

by Jennifer Gleave

The leaves of the fall pull themselves up,
Proudly standing tall.

Attached to the tree branches awash
with autumnal colors.

Slowly they begin to tremble and shake,
not wanting to leave,

They hold on tight, but it's time.
Time for the ballerina leaves to make their debut.

Dressed in finery,
of reds, golds, browns and yellows.
Each one awaits its turn to dance.

The wind whooshes louder,
and the dancing begins.

The leaf jumps, spins away,
then pirouettes downwards,

Circling like a tiny tornado
until like a parachute it descends,

Slowly preparing for its landing
swaying giddily, caressing the air,

It falls to the ground.
Taking a bow,

As it joins the other ballerina leaves,
collecting for the fall finale.

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