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September 13, 1999

This true story was written by Christine Anderson, from the Halifax-Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia. Christine was born in Halifax, and lived just outside the city. She has lived in Halifax for 24 years. She is very independent, outgoing, and ambitious. In 1995, she took the initiative to go back to school and continue her education. The agency she's with is the Dartmouth Literacy Network. Christine is taking two different classes - computer training and upgrading. Her skills and abilities have improved and she has accomplished a lot and achieved recognition for all her hard work and dedication. Thanks to DLN and all her tutors for being so supportive.

Swiss Air Flight 111

by Christine Anderson

he Swiss flight plane crash of 111 was such a tragedy, 229 who were Americans, Europeans and other nations died. It happened out in Peggy's Cove, off St. Margaret's Bay, where the plane landed in the ocean. There were no survivors.

It was sad to know so many lives are gone, in a matter of a minute. You never know from day to day, hour to hour, if there is going to be a tomorrow. There's no guarantee to anything in life not even life itself. Never take anything for granted, you're here today and gone today.

It's a great experience to learn from; never plan ahead, just take it one day at a time. So we should enjoy life to the fullest, get along with everyone and people of all nations and nationalities. This tragedy should give everyone something to think about, because it could have been our loved ones who perished in this dreadful disaster. We all are going to die, some way, some how.

The Nova Scotians here did everything to help the families in every way, to comfort them and show their deepest regards and welcome them. They made sure they had places to stay. Lots of food was provided. The rescuers worked hard day and night to recover the loved ones who perished off the St. Margaret's Bay.

There were memorials held too, for the families who lost their loved ones, in different parts of the world. They broadcast one of the ceremonies on television to show their sympathy and condolences. It was held to let their families know their loved ones were in our prayers and thoughts while they mourn for their loved ones. So in honour of the families a wreath was made to represent all the people. They will never be forgotten. Many flowers were placed at the memorials and out in Peggy's Cove where they perished.

The investigation to recover the rest of the bodies will continue on, until all their loved ones are found. They found most parts of the plane. They discovered that it had to be a technical problem or something happened to the engine and the pilots lost control. So the rescuers will keep on searching until they find any other evidence, until they know what caused the tragedy.

My prayers and thoughts are with the families who lost their loved ones. May God comfort and bless all of you.

Christine Anderson

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