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June 12, 2006

Photo of Evangeline Brown
Evangeline enjoying the Winter Party at the Captain William Spry Public Library

Evangeline Brown grew up in Halifax and started taking upgrading programs over 20 years ago. This year she joined the Bridging the Gaps Adult Literacy Project and benefits greatly from the computer technology she is using. Evangeline's favourite learning exercise is Language Experience. She reads her stories with the help of text-to-speech software. She is a wonderful storyteller and loves to share her life experience with others. For more information on the Bridging the Gaps Adult Literacy Project, email or visit their website at

Evangeline’s Story

by Evangeline Brown

My name is Evangeline Brown. I like to volunteer for the people in need. I make quilts, afghans, hats and scarves, dishcloths, mitts and socks. They're all for charity. The ladies of St. John's Church take them to the Seamen's Mission. When men come off the boats, they go in the Seaman's Mission, and they see all the things there. The Reverend asks them to pick what they want to take home to their wives. They are very happy to get them. There are smiles on their faces from ear to ear. The Seaman's Mission is a place for people to socialize. They can get tea and coffee, sit and smoke and chat. Some are Japanese; there are different nationalities. The Reverend has prayers for them. There is a little altar there where they can sit and pray. Before they go back on their ships they can have a prayer to get home safe.

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