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June 12, 2006

Photo of Jean Dignard
Jean getting ready to learn at the Captain William Spry Public Library)

This story was written by Jean Dignard, from Spryfield, Nova Scotia. Jean is a learner in the Captain William Spry Upgrading Spryfield. She was born in Newfoundland and Labrador, but has lived in Nova Scotia for many years. Jean and her husband Ed live in Spryfield.

Learning to Read Recipes

by Jean Dignard

Before I learned to read well, I would bake items from memory. I had made these things many times before and knew what ingredients to use.

Now that I can read much better, I can try new and different recipes because I can read the instructions by myself. I like to bake cookies, muffins, tea biscuits, and pies. Things that I bake, I share with my husband and my friends in the upgrading program at the Captain William Spry Public Library.

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