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June 12, 2006

Photo of Melvin Doyle with his tutor Kit
Melvin reading some of his work at the Halifax North Public Library as his tutor Kit looks on.

This story was written by Melvin J. Doyle, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Melvin is a student at the Halifax North Public Library where he meets with his tutor Kit Waters, every week.

My New Home on Joseph Howe

by Melvin J. Doyle

When I got to the new house I was surprised how good it looked like on the inside compared to the outside. The rooms were much bigger – the dining room and living room. It was Andrea and Connie Dennis, the administrator from Metro Housing, who showed us around in the new house. The kitchen was much smaller than North Street but it was set up good.

John had to pick out his own room and I picked out mine which was the master bedroom that was the biggest room in the upstairs of the house. John was going to pick the master bedroom, but I got it instead because my music is not as loud.

Altogether there are 6 bedrooms. There’s also another lady that may be coming to stay with us and she is a nice lady. She’s older than me and John so she just might put us in our place! She likes to write poems and Andrea told her that I like to write stories too. I think that this lady will be a good idea to be room-mates with me and John.

Andrea and I are going to pick up some pictures for the walls. Andrea wanted to be a decorator. She is looking forward to help me with decorating my room. So I’m very pleased with that.

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