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June 12, 2006

Photo of Zarghone Hashemi
Zarghone at the Keshen Goodman Public Library

This story was written by Zarghone Hashemi, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Zarghone, her husband and their three children were all born in Afghanistan where Zarghone worked as a pediatrician for 12 years. Her husband worked in the Red Cross Hospital for more than 13 years. Now her children go to school here, and they are doing very well. Zarghone goes to the Nova Scotia Community College taking English for Academic Purposes. She is also in the process of learning English through the Halifax Community Learning Network with the help of her tutor Glen Flemming and Coordinator Linda Oakley.

Zarghone’s Story

by Zarghone Hashemi

My name is Zarghone Hashemi. I have been living in Halifax since May 12, 2003 when I came to Canada with my family. When we came here, we couldn’t speak English. Living in a new country with a new culture and not knowing the language is very difficult for newcomers.

I lived in the Soviet Union for seven years. I lived in Iran for two years, but I have seen the volunteer programs just in Canada. It is the best idea that I have ever seen in my life.

These people who work as volunteers do a great job to help newcomers. MISA, the YMCA and the library are the organizations which have a special gift to give to newcomers—a Canadian Friend. These people help newcomers with their language barriers. I really appreciate the volunteer’s job. I have decided that when I learn English, I will do this job as well because I see it is really useful, helpful and successful for new Canadians.

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