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June 12, 2006

Photo of Deborah Hemeon
Deborah arrives to study at the Keshen Goodman Public Library

This story was written by Deborah Hemeon, from Halifax, Nova Scotia.Deborah is a learner in the Keshen Goodman Public Library Upgrading Program.She would like to get her Adult High School Diploma and then take a business course.

My Move to Halifax

by Deborah Hemeon

In 1996 I moved from Shelburne to Halifax.My parents were deceased and with no further relative in the area, I had no reason to stay in Shelburne. I decided to move to a larger city.

I decided to travel by bus .I went to the bus station to purchase a ticket to Halifax.I left Shelburne on a Friday morning, and it took two and half hours to get to Halifax.The trip was an uneventful journey.

Upon my arrival in Halifax, I went to the YWCA to stay for the first two nights in the city.It was a nice comfortable place to stay.The staff were friendly and helpful.

I tracked down a family member and I told her my situation.She gave me the opportunity to stay with her.I stayed with her for about two months. I enjoyed staying with her and talking about a variety of things.

In September I moved into my own apartment in Fairview.It was a large one bedroom apartment.It was nice to get a place of my own and settle in and learn more about Halifax.

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